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2004-2005 Light Bar


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License plate mounts

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Welded tubular light bar / bumper guard to hold your favorite lights. Options for two or four lights with two mounts on the top bar and/or the lower bar. Bars come epoxy coated in black or white. Additional colors sprayed on with proper two-pack urethane available at request, if you have a paint code I can match it - please use the contact form above for custom inquiries.

Please note this is a cosmetic bumper guard. It mounts below the bumper facia to the chassisties into the originaly license plate mount. It will hold your lights nice and stable but will not provide significant protection in an impact. Sure, it will ward off brush and such but not a big berm.

Threaded inserts are provided on the upper bar to relocate the license plate. These can be deleted in the ordering options.